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  • Cook's Illustrated Recommends 12" Cast Iron Skillet

    The Camp Chef 12” Cast Iron Skillet was tested and approved for recommendation by America’s Test Kitchen as published in the June 2015 Issue of Cook’s Illustrated. Click here to read the full review from America's Test Kitchen in the June 2015 edition of Cook's Illustrated.
  • Eggs in a Nest

    By Julie C.

  • Extreme Cooking

    I don’t even know what Extreme Cooking means. Just thought I’d toss it out there, because everything seems to be EXTREME now days. It was time to give a fairly new product a whirl. A home oven helps cookware perform. But what if your only heat source was bottom heat? And what if Mother Nature took a good poke at you? The Camp Chef 13 inch Square Dutch Oven (I can’t find anywhere that says a Dutch Oven has to be round) was about to get a real test.
  • Baking in the Camp Chef Smoke Vault: Browning and Crisping

    While the Camp Chef Smoke Vault certainly smokes meat up with superiority, it also has other great benefits like baking! Leave the wood chips out (or leave them if you prefer) and your Smoke Vault becomes a baking oven.
  • Cast Iron Christmas: Skillet Cinnamon Roll

    I am always trying to think of new ideas for Christmas. It is a family joke that our Christmas tradition is to try something new every year! Not so traditional, eh? I have tried many different things for Christmas breakfast and everything has received lukewarm reviews. Well, all except of the coveted box of sugar cereal Santa delivers! This breakfast, may or may not make the cut for a tradition, but it will certainly be a tasty treat for Christmas morning. Plus it looks (and smells) amazing!

  • Happy Cinco De Mayo from Camp Chef

    Here at Camp Chef we wanted to get in on the Cinco De Mayo celebration. Here’s a quick and easy way to feed lots of people for a Cinco De Mayo party.

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