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Triple Burner Windscreen


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Blog Results

  • Key Lime S'more

    The sweet and tangy flavor of key lime pie has been a traditional American dessert for years. We took that flavorful combination and put it together in such a way you can enjoy it on the back patio or in the backcountry with this week's S'more of the Week.


  • Compact and Portable Camp Kitchens

    A few words that first come to mind when thinking about describing Camp Chef are portability, versatility, power, and of course... good food. What that means is that just about where ever you go, what ever the size of group you're cooking for - Camp Chef has the equipment needed to cook great food in that situation.
  • 13" Square Dutch Oven Roast

    We recently designed and produced one of our newer products, the 13″ Square Dutch Oven. This cast iron Dutch oven is unique not only because it is square, but also because it features a legless, smooth bottom and a lid that doubles as a grill that you can use on your range.

    As with all of our Dutch ovens, the Square Dutch Oven features a thermometer hole on the rim of the lid so that you can measure internal food temperatures and know right when your meal reaches the perfect temperature.

  • Rally on the Rocks + Photo Caption Contest

    Moab, Utah’s famous “Hell’s Revenge,” smoked pulled pork, and UTV’s… what a combination!
  • Mother's Day Waffles (even a guy could make)

    Let’s face it. Most of us wait until the last minute when it comes to holidays. You may be shaking your head, but I have seen the hoards around the cards at Wal Mart the Saturday before Mother’s Day! Well, if I just described you I am going to give you a “Hail Mary” this Mother’s Day. Seriously this breakfast is so good, that your mom (or wife) may not even recognize the waffle from the freezer section.

    You probably already have these ingredients: frozen waffles, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans (optional). If not, run out right now! I won’t tell.

  • Thanksgiving Pie

    I myself am not a big fan of pumpkin pie, but I know many who are, so I thought it would be fun to check out the “old-school” way of the pie. Do you buy your pie? Really? Come on and try making it this year! Your loved ones will be so glad you did.

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