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Cook'n with Camp Chef Recipe Organizer


Blog Results

  • Shout! Outdoor Magazine Reviews Camp Chef

    "Someone once said about spending time outdoors, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control the fish, and you can’t control the game, but if the food is bad, it is your fault. Camp Chef has you covered there too." -Doug Gilmer, Shout! Outdoror Lifestyle Magazine
  • Turkey Hunting with Yamaha

    Every now and again a great opportunity comes around for some of us here at Camp Chef to get to go out and play. Recently, Matt Anderson was invited to join Yamaha and others on a turkey hunt in Nebraska. It wasn’t all fun and games though, Matt volunteered to cook for the turkey camp.
  • Rock Salt Prime Rib

    Here at Camp Chef we hear about all kinds of crazy recipes and unique ways of cooking. Often times they get stuck in our head. We think and ponder about them until finally we just have to try it out on our own. That was the case with the Rock Salt Prime Rib.
  • Smoking Pheasant

    Is there a better time than fall? Not in the world of a sportsman! The fish are running up the rivers, the big game seasons are in full swing and of course the upland game and waterfowl hunts are at their prime. I didn’t hunt much as a kid and consider myself an adult rookie when it comes to any kind of shooting. When a friend suggested that I give pheasant hunting a try I couldn’t argue. Combining the pleasure of hiking and hunting sounded like a good idea to me.
  • Hazelnut Strips

  • Corned Beef Retro Style

    I have a confession to make, last time I tried corned beef, I could have bounced it like a basketball. And we had company. And we ate green milkshakes at McDonalds with our Big Macs. So, this year for St. Patty’s Day, I decided I would skip the “traditional” green eggs in ham for a more Irish-y meal. I checked out my 1940′s cookbook and sure enough, I found a recipe for corned beef. It is interesting, in that the recipe is not too exact. Almost like one from your grandma.

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