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Compact Fire Ring


Big Gas Grill Three-Burner Stove


Natural Gas Connection Kit


Del Rio Fire Pit


Redwood Fire Pit


Sequoia Fire Pit


Monterey Fire Table


BBQ Grill Box 100 Accessory


Dutch Oven Dome


Blog Results

  • Camp Chef has Combined Best of Both Worlds for Patio Grilling

    Camp Chef, an industry leading producer of outdoor cooking equipment, is pleased to announce the new SmokePro BBQ Sear Box as an attachment accessory for the pellet grill line. This BBQ Sear Box now gives Camp Chef SmokePro pellet grill users the opportunity to sear at high temperatures.
  • Fired Up Food: Tips & Advice

    Cheering your team on to the win is important, but so is having food to fuel you to the fourth quarter with 10 seconds left on the clock and your team has the ball with 5 yards to go.
  • Game On: Your Winning Game Plan

    This is the season to create the ultimate tailgating scene. This is the season to beat your co-worker in the most brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers cooked. This is your season to be the master of tailgating. Here is your game plan to take any competitor head to head and take home the win.
  • Spring Cleaning: Part Two

    As you dig out your stove and grill, get it cleaned and sprayed down, ensuring you don't have a leaking hose can make or break your maiden voyage of grilling this season. We want to keep you safe, and everyone else, so make sure that before you fire up that stove or grill to cook up those steaks, you follow these steps.
  • Propane Popcorn

    Makes one wonder who and how this popcorn thing got going. And like with many things….some tradition with time and innovation were lost with it. Not all good and not all bad….however. Microwave popcorn……Hmmmm my verdict is still out.
  • Sportsman's News Shows How to "Eat Like a King in the Great Outdoors"

    People who camp with me always remark on one thing; we eat very well. Camping is my time to really go all out for feeding the masses. From grilling wild game over an open fire, to baking in a Dutch oven, I really enjoy preparing meals that really only can be cooked in the outdoors.

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