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Dutch Oven Dome


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  • Extreme Cooking

    I don’t even know what Extreme Cooking means. Just thought I’d toss it out there, because everything seems to be EXTREME now days. It was time to give a fairly new product a whirl. A home oven helps cookware perform. But what if your only heat source was bottom heat? And what if Mother Nature took a good poke at you? The Camp Chef 13 inch Square Dutch Oven (I can’t find anywhere that says a Dutch Oven has to be round) was about to get a real test.
  • Rally on the Rocks + Photo Caption Contest

    Moab, Utah’s famous “Hell’s Revenge,” smoked pulled pork, and UTV’s… what a combination!
  • Camp Chef & Horsemen - Guest Blog

    We are avid ATV and back country horsemen enthusiasts. We own a three burner Pro 90 camp stove, Camp Chef fire ring, 15 dutch ovens, a dutch oven dome, and have just purchased a Barbecue Grill Box and a 16” x 24” deluxe double steel griddle.
  • Cooking a Turkey in a Dutch Oven

    I’ve seen several methods and orientations for cooking a turkey in a Dutch Oven. However in 13 years at Camp Chef….I’ve never prepared one, in one. I’ve deep fried them, used the Ultimate Roaster, Keg Roaster, Smoke Vault, standard oven methods but never in a Dutch/Camp Oven. So come along while I give this a whirl and we will see how we do.
  • Chocolate Caramel Dessert

    Chocolate + Caramel = Whats not to love!!

    As my quest for more dutch oven desert continued I was taught how to make chocolate caramel dessert. 


    Here is what you need:

    • Chocolate Cake Mix
    • Hershey Chocolate Syrup
    • Kraft Caramel Squares (unwrapped)
    • Eggs
    • Canola Oil

    The first step is to coat the bottom of the dutch oven with chocolate syrup.

  • Cherry Chocolate Cobbler

    Chocolate Cherry Cobbler!

    I am on a quest to try different desserts in my dutch oven! I am proud to say that this one was a success!


    Here’s what you need!

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