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4" Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


Cast Iron Conditioner


Blog Results

  • Skillet Sticky Chicken

    When Michelle, founder and brain behind The Complete Savorist, was a kid, the idea of cooking with cast iron was not appealing. Lucky for us, she overcame those feelings and now loves cooking in cast iron and has since turned out this amazing recipe for Sticky Chicken.


  • Chocolate French Toast

    Time for a new twist on traditional french toast. This recipe is courtesy of Cee Dub and is sure to please everyone...especially the kids.


    • Loaf of french bread
    • 8 eggs
    • 1/3 cup of chocolate milk
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    • Corn Flakes


  • Spring Cleaning: Part Three

    After cleaning your stove and making sure you have no leaky hoses. Ensuring your cast iron is cleaned and conditioned is a must. This process helps ensure your cooking surface is not only clean but non-stick as well. There's few things worse then having a beautifully grilled steak or burger and when you go to take it off the grill it is torn apart because it is stuck to the grill.
  • Sportsman's News Shows How to "Eat Like a King in the Great Outdoors"

    People who camp with me always remark on one thing; we eat very well. Camping is my time to really go all out for feeding the masses. From grilling wild game over an open fire, to baking in a Dutch oven, I really enjoy preparing meals that really only can be cooked in the outdoors.
  • Red, White and Blue (berry)

    I found this recipe on the freezer meal planning site, Once a Month Mom. It looked too irresistible to pass up! I went and got an industrial sized package of blueberries and went to work! (Oh, in case you are wondering a pint of blueberries is just shy of 2 cups) These turned out really good…even without frosting.

    I took some amazing photos only to find out that I forgot to put in my SD card! GRR. At least there were a few of the final product. Don’t get discouraged. The pre-baked rolls will be a little “wet” but will bake up just fine!

  • Industry Leading Camp Chef Griddles Made Even Better

    The outdoor cooking innovators at Camp Chef have once again raised the bar on griddles. The first and only company to have True Seasoned steel griddles has added heat diffusers for even better heat control. Each Professional Griddle comes with the heat diffusers permanently attached to the underside. Also included with each griddle are high sides for easy food control, built-in grease management system with grease cup holder.

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