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8" Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


Blog Results

  • Camp Chef Everest High Pressure Stove Review

    Michael Largent, owner of TreeLineBackpacker, recently reviewed our Camp Chef Everest High Pressure Two-Burner Stove.
  • Camp Chef’s New Pellet Grill Receives Industry Award

    Camp Chef, an industry leading manufacture of outdoor cooking equipment, received special recognition during Friday night’s awards ceremony at the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Expo in Nashville Tenn. The new SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill received the Vesta award for its innovation, design and technology.
  • How to Grill Fish

    The Sporting Chef, Scott Leysath shows us some great tips on how to grill fish. If you're new to grilling fish or have never done it, learn a few simple tips from a professional that will have you grilling that fish right. Leysath shows just how easy it is to impress your family with grilled fish as he prepares Black Grouper in a cast iron grill.
  • Cast Iron Chinese...

    If you are like me and find yourself wanting really good Chinese food, yet lacking a wok (and maybe a take out menu), never fear! Just grab your trusty cast iron skillet or dutch oven. I can’t lie, it doesn’t work exactly like a wok, but it is a better-than-average substitute.

    This recipe is fun and by using jarred black bean sauce, pretty easy. I will say to get everything ready before you start cooking. It helps during the quick cooking Chinese food usually requires. I think the French call it “mise en place” and through trial and error I have found this to be a MUST.

  • Corned Beef Retro Style

    I have a confession to make, last time I tried corned beef, I could have bounced it like a basketball. And we had company. And we ate green milkshakes at McDonalds with our Big Macs. So, this year for St. Patty’s Day, I decided I would skip the “traditional” green eggs in ham for a more Irish-y meal. I checked out my 1940′s cookbook and sure enough, I found a recipe for corned beef. It is interesting, in that the recipe is not too exact. Almost like one from your grandma.

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