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Cast Iron Fish Pan


SmokePro Stainless DLX Pellet Grill Sear Kit


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Blog Results

  • Cook's Illustrated Recommends 12" Cast Iron Skillet

    The Camp Chef 12” Cast Iron Skillet was tested and approved for recommendation by America’s Test Kitchen as published in the June 2015 Issue of Cook’s Illustrated. Click here to read the full review from America's Test Kitchen in the June 2015 edition of Cook's Illustrated.
  • Zion's Bank Speaking on Business - Camp Chef

    Recently, Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business, highlighted Camp Chef. Below is the transcript and a link to listen to the mp3.
  • Cast Iron Chinese...

    If you are like me and find yourself wanting really good Chinese food, yet lacking a wok (and maybe a take out menu), never fear! Just grab your trusty cast iron skillet or dutch oven. I can’t lie, it doesn’t work exactly like a wok, but it is a better-than-average substitute.

    This recipe is fun and by using jarred black bean sauce, pretty easy. I will say to get everything ready before you start cooking. It helps during the quick cooking Chinese food usually requires. I think the French call it “mise en place” and through trial and error I have found this to be a MUST.

  • National Park Week - Crater Lake

    Crater Lake is a deep, super clear freshwater lake found in the South Central region of Oregon. It is the remnant of an ancient volcano called Mount Mazama
  • Laotian Cooking with Natalie Amat

    Need some new ideas for dinner?  Maybe looking to add a couple new recipes to your recipe book?  Check out this video Natalie Amat.  Natalie was born in the US to Laotian parents.  From a young age Natalie’s mother taught her how to cook many traditional Lao dishes.  Here’s a video that showcases a couple of those traditional Lao dishes.  We’ve included the recipes below. We’d like to thank Natalie for taking the time to demonstrate these amazing dishes.  Enjoy!

  • Banana Perch!!

    What is Banana Perch, and who wants to eat it? 

    Well it all started out with these guys!

    Yep! These bananas have seen better days.  I guess that’s what happens when you go camping and forget to eat them!  In an effort to save the life of the banana I decided to whip up some banana muffins. 

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