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Patio Cover for 18" Smoke Vault


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  • Everything's Just "Peachy"

    400 pounds of peaches + 5 dedicated canning family members + 9 hours on a Saturday = 152 quarts of homemade delicious canned peaches!
  • Cooking a Turkey in a Dutch Oven

    I’ve seen several methods and orientations for cooking a turkey in a Dutch Oven. However in 13 years at Camp Chef….I’ve never prepared one, in one. I’ve deep fried them, used the Ultimate Roaster, Keg Roaster, Smoke Vault, standard oven methods but never in a Dutch/Camp Oven. So come along while I give this a whirl and we will see how we do.
  • Smoking Pheasant

    Is there a better time than fall? Not in the world of a sportsman! The fish are running up the rivers, the big game seasons are in full swing and of course the upland game and waterfowl hunts are at their prime. I didn’t hunt much as a kid and consider myself an adult rookie when it comes to any kind of shooting. When a friend suggested that I give pheasant hunting a try I couldn’t argue. Combining the pleasure of hiking and hunting sounded like a good idea to me.

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