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Blog Results

  • Winter Storm & Extreme Cold Survival Tips

    There is much to be said about preparing for a winter storm or adverse weather conditions. However, there are times that the time to prepare has come and gone or there is no time to prepare.
  • Camp Chef is Emergency Preparedness

    When disaster strikes you may have only a few minutes to get to safety. Those few minutes are critical to get your family and yourself to safety. In the wake of a disaster it can be hours, days, or even weeks before you can return back to your normal way of life.
  • Earthquake Safety 101

    Millions of people across the country live near earthquake zones. Scientists have gotten pretty good at seeing the warning signs in advance of most natural disasters. However, some, like earthquakes, continue to be totally unpredictable. That’s why preparing yourself with the right knowledge, plan of action, and emergency kits is so important.
  • Smoked Ribs and Tri Tip

    Finally a weekend without any commitments and my wife was away all day on Saturday. That meant I had all day to be able to babysit my smoker. She wouldn’t be there to complain about the piles of raw meat on her countertop or smell of smoldering wood. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right. I decided to smoke a tri tip roast and a couple racks of ribs.

4 Item(s)