Camp Table with Legs 38"



Sometimes you just need more room for your outdoor kitchen. The Camp Table is perfect for food preparation and Dutch oven cooking with charcoal briquettes. Protect your Dutch oven from the elements and retain heat with the three-sided windscreen. The perfect 26” cooking height makes it easy to use without bending over. When space is limited this table provides plenty of extra room for preparation or serving. Adding Camp Chef’s side shelves will give you additional space if needed.


  • Three-sided windscreen
  • Removable/adjustable legs for storage
  • Fits folding side shelves (sold separately)
  • Perfect stand for cooking with Dutch ovens or legless outdoor stoves and ovens

Questions on Camp Table with Legs 38"

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  • From Raul Arrazcaeta at 8/9/13 8:11 PM
    • What is the carry bag recommended for this Camp Table? 38 inch Camp Table? Which carry bag works for this table?
    • The best bag for the 38" Camp Table is the CB90 or RCB90
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  • From SAB at 8/15/13 3:24 PM
  • From Corey at 8/21/13 3:58 PM
    • Will the legs found on this model also work with the Tahoe? Or would you set up the Tahoe to sit on the table? (I dont have legs for the tahoe and like the idea of using this for legs and or table)
    • The legs of this table will work with the Tahoe stove.
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  • From AZ Smoke at 9/11/13 8:47 AM
    • The description of the table states "Adding Camp Chef’s side shelves will give you additional space if needed." What side shelves, where are they described or offered to order with the table?
    • The shelves referred to are the Folding Side Shelf Set for 3 Burners (LS90P). Here is the link to the product page:
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  • From R2D at 7/17/14 2:19 PM
    • Can charcoal be placed on the surface of the camp table for dutch oven cooking. Is a layer of aluminum foil recommended or some other barrier recommended?
    • Yes, you can place charcoal directly on the camp table with no issues to the unit itself. However, adding a layer of aluminum foil would help clean up.
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