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That’s right. Cook delicious Dutch oven meals right on your Camp Chef stove. From slow roasted Dutch oven dinners, to a family favorite peach cobbler, make it all on the back patio or campsite. This Dutch Oven Dome traps, diverts and circulates heat creating a convection oven that is very effective when cooking with a Dutch oven. Cooking over a stove with a heat diffuser plate (included) reduces the cost and mess of charcoal. This Dutch Oven Dome can also be used with charcoal or on a gas grill.              

Do not let fire restrictions shrink your camp’s menu. A Dutch Oven Dome used with your Camp Chef stove will allow you to enjoy your favorite meals without the use of charcoal. Be sure to check restrictions with the local ranger station before use.


  • Dome traps heat and creates a convection oven
  • Heat Diffuser provides the most effective heat distribution method underneath a Dutch oven while cooking on a Camp Chef stove
  • Heat Diffuser included (FT10)

Questions on Dutch Oven Dome

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  • From Mike at 8/27/13 4:08 PM
    • Will the dutch oven dome #DOCOVER work on the new 13" square dutch oven # DO13S
    • Yes, the DOCOVER will fit over the 13" Square Dutch oven.
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  • From Jim at 10/13/13 9:27 PM
    • Will the dome work on a 14 inch oven ?
    • The dome will fit on a 14" Dutch oven but it will be snug. For best results with the dome we recommend use on a 12" Dutch oven or smaller.
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  • From Mike at 10/14/13 9:00 AM
    • What is the material of construction for the dutch oven dome?
    • It is a heat resistant material with a heat reflective foil on the inside of the dome.
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