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Recommended by world champion Dutch oven chefs, Camp Chef’s conditioner is the best way to ‘season’ your cast iron Dutch ovens, grill grates, griddles, skillets or other cast iron products. Made of all natural oils, this conditioner creates a natural, easy release surface and should not be viewed as a chemical non-stick coating. Seasoning your cast iron will allow it to last for generations.

*Cast iron conditioner is temperature sensitive. In cooler temperatures conditioner may thicken. To soften conditioner, simply massage the conditioner tube or set tube in warm water to soften. In warmer temperatures conditioner may thin out. If this happens open the conditioner with the lid pointed down, as the conditioner may run out rapidly. If the bottle ever develops a clog use a small nail or something similar to dislodge it. 


  • Cast iron friendly
  • Designed especially for use with cast iron
  • Conditioner is palm oil based formula to season your cast iron
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • 6 oz. bottle

Questions on Cast Iron Conditioner

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  • From T. Pease at 3/12/13 7:00 AM
    • What is cast iron conditioner and what is it made of?
    • Our cast iron conditioner is designed to season and protect cast iron products. The conditioner itself is made from 100% natural organic palm, coconut, and sunflower seed oil. These plants oils have a longer shelf life and will prolong the life of your cast iron when used after cooking and cleaning. Makes cast iron care simple so that it's ready and easy to use next time you need to cook.
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  • From Judy b at 4/22/13 5:55 PM
    • Greetings,
      Is the conditioner gluten free?
    • Our cast iron conditioner is made from 100% natural plant oil, therefore is gluten free.
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  • From Karen P at 9/6/13 4:53 PM
    • Do you have to clean the conditioner off before cooking with a cast iron fry pan?
    • No, you do not have to clean the conditioner off. The conditioner will actually help maintain a non-stick surface on the cast iron.
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  • From Chris at 9/7/13 3:49 PM
    • OK. so after it is applied, can I use it or does this product have to be washed first. I don't have this product right now, but can it be seasoned with veg, oil? Thank you.
    • No, you do not have to wash the conditioner off before using your cast iron product. Leaving it on will help season the cast iron and help maintain a non-stick surface.
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  • From Sharon P at 9/8/13 1:55 PM
    • After coating the cast iron using the camp chef cast iron conditioner do you bake the Dutch oven like other products? If so, what temp and for how long?
    • If you are seasoning your cast iron product, our Learning Center provides you with great information about prepping, seasoning, and cleaning your cast iron. Below is our recommended seasoning technique.

      Seasoning Technique:
      1. Liberally apply Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner to a clean cloth rag
      2. Coat all surfaces of the cast iron with conditioner
      3. Place in heat source upside down and heat to between 400° and 450° F in oven or on medium setting of a low pressure Camp Chef burner
      4. As the cast iron begins to smoke, remove carefully from heat (be sure to wear protective clothing at all times while working with hot cast iron)

      Your cast iron cookware is now ready for use. Let cool, then store for next use. After each use, apply a small amount of Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner, about a dime's diameter worth, and thinly coat all surfaces of the cast iron. Over time, this will make your cast iron black, creating a finish called a "patina." This patina will enhance your cast iron by creating a glasslike finish, which also provides a nonstick surface.
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