Womens Expo

By on January 14, 2011

This blog was sent in to us by Chef Kurt, Thanks!
Sometimes Outdoor Chef Kurt has to prepare an event on short notice. I was asked to do a demo at the womens expo, because the scheduled chef had cancelled . I only had one night to prepare and rehearse a nice demo . I dug thru the cupboards and found a few things I could use. I decided to use the new Camp Chef butane single burner stovefor my demo. I wanted to show off this new stove that is really fun to use. A family can all get together around the table and make their own custom, warm, gooey, desserts. I would saute up some thin pork slices , and make a pear, brown sugar ,butter, saute also. I was confident that my presentation would go well, and the women would be open to my ideas.

I got there a little early so I had time to get organized ,and make sure I was ready to do my best. They helped me get the camera ready and it was go time. The group of women watching, was enjoying my presentation and when it was over came up for my samples and wiped me out . They had lots of questions and were very nice . Several other women who were in their booths, came over to say the they also enjoyed my demo , so I was happy for a successful demo.