Wireless Thermometer Designed to Take the Guess Work Out of Cooking Meat

By on July 13, 2011


May 29, 2011

Contact: Megan Mitchell


Wireless Thermometer Designed to Take the Guess Work Out of Cooking Meat

Cooking outdoors has traditionally been a tedious process, but like every Camp Chef product, the Wireless Barbecue Thermometer has been designed to make outdoor cooking easier and more convenient. The new wireless thermometer allows you to check your temperatures via thermometer from up to 100 feet away. A stainless steel probe that is attached to a wired transmitter can be placed inside a smoker, grill or inside a Camp Chef Dutch oven for accurate temperature readings.

This device does more than just provide temperatures; it also gives suggested cooking temperatures for six different meats and has an alarm that will sound once desired temperature is met. This remote also contains a LED light for easy viewing in the dark.

About Camp Chef

Established in 1990, Logan, Utah based Camp Chef is a privately held manufacturer of high end cooking equipment for outdoor and indoor cooking enthusiasts. Camp Chef is devoted to bringing its customers innovative and cutting edge outdoor cooking systems with a full range of two and three burner cooking units and accessories that BBQ, grill, griddle, boil, steam, and fry. A new line of Camp Ovens makes baking outdoors convenient and easy. Camp Chef also features a full line of cast iron products from Dutch ovens, skillets and custom accessories to meet every cooking need. To see what’s cookin’ at Camp Chef, please visit www.campchef.com or call 800.650.2433

7 thoughts on “Wireless Thermometer Designed to Take the Guess Work Out of Cooking Meat”

  1. Hi,
    I received a Camp Chef remote thermometer for Fathers Day. My wife says that she bought it at Target along with a Camp Chef grill light. (the light works fine) I tried to use it yesterday for the first time and after about 5 min the screen of the remote unit went blank and has stayed that way since… I have swapped out the batteries for new ones to make sure that the batteries are ok, I have toggled the on of switch several times and still nothing appears on the screen.

    Any suggestions? is there a reset?

  2. Can I get a soft copy (PDF format?) of your Wireless Meat Thermometerinstruction manual? My issue is that I get an HH reading on the Remote Probe Temp reading. What does that mean? Thanks Bob

  3. This thermometer worked once but now will not register the temperature of the meat. I have tried turning on and off several times and changed batteries. It only flashes 4 lines on the temperature line but no temperature. I am in the middle of smoking a turkey and I will likely have to purchase a different thermometer to finish. I no longer have packaging for this thermometer. How can I get my money back? I don’t think this is a quality product.

    • Gary,

      We are sorry to hear about the issue you had with our thermometer. We would like to have a chance to speak with you about it and resolve the issue. If you could contact our customer support team at 1-800-650-2433, we would appreciate that. Again, we are sorry to hear about the issue and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Received this wireless thermometer as a Christmas gift…. Came from Target's online store… Came with no owners manual, I was able to figure out how to set it up but actually used it today for the first time… When the meat came up to the desired cooking temperature the alarm symbol appeared but was not able to hear it… Second, I double checked the temperature that the probe was telling me with an instant read thermometer and your unit showed roughly 30 degrees cooler…. Maybe an owners manual would have solved both problems… Can I download a copy?? Thank you, Bob

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