We Don’t Camp Anywhere Without Our Camp Chef

By on May 19, 2011

As soon as the weather warms above freezing in Nevada we begin to plan our first camping trip to Sand Mountain, usually in April. My husband’s birthday is at the end of April, and he had been looking longingly at the Camp Chef stoves since Christmas. So, for Marty’s birthday I got him the two burner stove with the two griddles. He couldn’t wait to show his new stove to our friends! For months no one wanted to use their own equipment – everyone cooked on the Camp Chef. Then in July, our friend Sid got his own stove, complete with the box for roasting, for our trip to Dunefest. Before the end of summer, a third friend, Wes, added another two burner to the group! We have cooked crab in Oregon, numerous bacon, egg and potatoe breakfasts, grilled jalapeno poppers and oysters, and lots of tri-tips and ribs. Now the race is on to see who has the coolest and newest accessories each trip! We don’t camp anywhere without our Camp Chef.