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Warm Weather Contest Entry

Warm Weather Contest Entry

Check out this Warm Weather Contest Entry submitted by Eileen:

 We went camping two years ago with 10 other peoplefor a total of 15 people. We had 4 sites and used one site just for the kitchen. We set up the two three burner camp chef stoves we have and the camp chef oven. The oven is for my son specifically as he has celiac disease and by having his own it decreases the risk of cross contamination whern there are so many people trying to work together to prepare meals. We camped for 4 days and cooked every meal on our camp chef stoves. It was not hamburgers and hot dogs either. We made pancakes, sauage, eggs, steak, spanish shrimp, ribs and even desserts that included cobblers and cookies done in the BBQ boxs. Everyone had a great time and we ate like kings. I wish we had a picture of the whole thing but people were too busy eating to take pictures. This is the after effect of the food. Our chef taking a break.

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