Turkey Smoking 101: The Brine Method


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, have you decided how you’re going to prepare your turkey? Here at Camp Chef we’re big fans of smoked turkey. It keeps the turkey nice and moist and the smoking process gives it wonderful flavoring. We also like turkeys cooked on our Infusion Roaster (Turkey Canon). We’ve even used brine to season our turkeys. All of these methods create delicious turkeys, but we thought it would be fun to see what happened if we combined all three cooking methods. It just so happens that this is Matt’s favorite way to cook a turkey. So we present to youTurkey Smoking 101: The Brine Method with a special guest appearance from the Turkey Canon. Sit back and enjoy Turkey smoking at it’s finest.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Smoking 101: The Brine Method”

  1. I really enjoyed the turkey and the brine mixture was great. Can you by the bine mixture separately or get the recipe for the brine?

    • Unfortunately we don’t have the brine mixture available separate from the Turkey Cannon.

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