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Tip of the Month: Butter

Tip of the Month: Butter

In my many cookbook readings, I ran across this tip and have wanted to try it out!

Many if us use butter with premeasured lines to tell us how much we need. However back in the 40′s, you might have made your own butter and if you didn’t you just bought a big block of it. A few weeks ago, my sister in law bought me the big pound blocks at Sams. They have been sitting in my freezer until I needed a pound! Well, no more! Here is a trick your grandmother may have forgotten to tell you!!

  1. Fill a 4 cup glass measuring cup with 2 cups of water (enough so your butter will float and not stick out of the top!
  2. Plop the butter in until you get to the correct measurement (above 2 c. that is!)

I needed 3/4 c. of butter, so I filled my measuring cup with 2 c. of water:

And then added butter until it lined up at 2 3/4 c. It worked like a charm!


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