Tiffany Haugen – Life Without a Kitchen

By on February 20, 2014

Our friend (and excellent cook book author I might add) Tiffany Haugen recently experienced life without a kitchen. Luckily there was no disaster involved and the Haugen family still had a fully functioning house with the exception of a kitchen re-model going on. So what does a cook book author do with no kitchen? Definitely not order off the local restaurant menu. Tiffany found herself cooking outside almost daily and she even learned new cooking methods.

This is what Tiffany had to say about the whole experience.

When the opportunity came to remodel our kitchen, I didn’t hesitate beginning the remodel right before the Christmas season. We were warned there may be delays due to the holiday but I knew my back porch had everything I needed to cook, kitchen or no kitchen, electricity or no electricity. What I didn’t realize is that weeks turn into months and I am still using my back porch for many of my cooking needs.

Clearly, we couldn’t have survived this remodel as smoothly were it not for our outdoor cooking gear. In particular, the pizza oven. Definitely not just for pizza, I learned how to plank cook, fry in a cast iron skillet, scramble eggs, bake bread and cookies all with one accessory, powered by propane. Boiling, baking, frying, broiling and braising were all done with ease in my Dutch ovens using charcoal as the heat source.

Whatever the circumstances may be, it is reassuring knowing that my family is prepared to live – and live well – without the luxury of a working kitchen powered by electricity.

See exactly how she fed her family with no kitchen at her website

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  1. We remodeled our complete ground floor of our home 5 years ago and lived in 2 bedrooms upstairs for the 4 1/2 month project. We ate very well because I built the deer camp kitchen in the garage and on the patio (til the snow came). My deer camp kitchen included a very early model of the Camp Chef free standing two burner stove, my spice box and a great folding kitchen work station. It was like camping at home. Loved it but 4 1/2 months was definitely long enough.

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