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Through the Ice Part II

Through the Ice Part II

If you know someone who already ice fishes and could figure a way into the party then that is a pretty good way to figure out what all you need for fishing the hard top. If you don’t, then try the sporting goods store and ask to speak with someone who actually fishes this way.

Equipment has come a long way since the 70’s. You can make due with your regular fishing rod but if you can drop $29.00 then you can pick up a great small ice rod, reel and line.

You’ll need some ice jigs and if you have any warm water Crappie or Blue Gill jigs you can start right there, trout don’t seem to mind it was built for a cousin.            

You’ll eventually have a tackle box that looks like this, most jigs are created to catch fishermen and they do a good job at it.

 If you can’t spend the $100.00 on an ice auger you can make it happen with an axe if the ice isn’t very thick. I’ve let many people use my auger when they got there and found the blades on theirs to be dull. So maybe you can just get lucky and show up and ask if someone will drill you a hole. I imagine most would as long as you don’t insist on sitting on top of them. There is a bit of crowding manners to be learned on the ice as with any other type of fishing.

 If you do decide you want an auger I’d suggest starting with a 6 inch they are easier to punch a hole with than an 8 inch. If you get on water that has fish needing a bigger hole (It can happen) then I drill two holes by one another and smash the center out with a spud or shovel.

 You can use a back pack or bucket to carry your gear onto the ice. A five gallon bucket will double as a seat to sit on and also to carry fish in should you be patient enough to catch some.


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