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The Sherpa

The Sherpa

The Sherpa

Really, I enjoy a cold plain cheese sandwich, cold pork and beans with an Oreo cookie chaser, when I’m out hunting (that was hunting lunch during my childhood).

 However, because I can, I’d rather have a grilled Turkey and Swiss with a can of hot Clam Chowder. Enter the Sherpa…..

 In my quest to “lighten and convenience” my cooking ability, I am, and have been in search of the holy grail of quick cook kitchens. The Sherpa allows me to have some organization to my quest for cooking tools. Action packers are fine but I get a little frustrated with the avalanche of items as I did to the bottom for that one thing “I know is really in there”!

 I added a plastic organizer for my knives to keep them from poking holes in the Sherpa and I’m still a bit of a work in progress deciding what I can live with out so I can fit the stove in there as well. But I think I have finally found a place that will protect the coffee pot. And I can use the inside of the pot to store the coffee and condiments so there will at least always be that.

 Food, even canned I want to carry in a different container away from the kitchen items. Especially if it is in Bear Country that will allow me to store those items away from camp and out of reach of the bears. (rope…I must remember the rope).

Denali 3 Burner Grill & Stove Combo

 Denali 3 Burner Grill & Stove Combo

I was just too lazy on this outing to pop the legs down to create the table it can become. The dog Kennel was handy enough to fill the table bill and well…..old habits die hard!

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