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The Plucker

The Plucker

At Camp Chef we have entered into our show season. Four of us will not see home in any stretch of relaxation until sometime in Mid March. It is a nature of our beast. You may think, “wow, I wish I could travel and see all those outdoorsy things”.  And it is a great time to see our dealers, reps and show friends. But there is rarely any play involved in the show adventure.

 So I’m trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of our Utah Waterfowl Season since it closes while I’m gone. Idaho is open a bit longer but I’ll be out when that ends as well. You do see some pretty innovative gadgets at these shows. One I bumped into recently is the “Plucker”. Back in the “day” my father taught me to scald the ducks and this helped release and manage the feathers. Then we would vent them. Sometimes this would be a late into the night venture. I don’t always have that time luxury now so we vent the ducks and then dry pluck them later. I don’t want to scald them once they are vented because I don’t want the soapy water up inside them. (soap cut the feather oils) So the Plucker has been a solution. I typically like to hang fowl when the temperatures are right to let the meat age. So I can vent them as soon as I get them home, hang them and now with the Plucker, pluck them later, easier. 

This thing really pulls the feathers off the duck. I plan to build a block for it so I can mount it to the tailgate of my truck or off my boat to run the drill off a battery. That will allow both hands to be free to handle the duck, and slightly speed up the process. The lead feathers on the front part of the wings are still a challenge and you will have to pick those by hand. I usually just trim the skin and lead feathers off with a knife because there is really no meat there. For now I toss the generator in the truck and go out in my field to distribute the feathers to next springs bird nesting projects. When I think of all the ducks I’ve plucked by hand since the first ones I ever shot at the ripe old age of 12. 

This Plucker is like getting even. You can find the Plucker at Cabelas.

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