The Peach Cobbler Test

By on October 4, 2011

We decided to put it to the test…

Use a liner…. Or just good ole cast iron!

To make peach cobbler the ingredients are simple. We used a yellow cake mix and followed the directions on the back of the box. However instead of water we used the peach juice.

Then simply place the peaches on in the bottom of a 12 inch dutch oven and pour the batter over the top. You will need one cake mix as well as 1 quart of peaches per cobbler.

Good Ole Cast Iron

One of the greatest things about cast iron is the flavor it gives.

Lined Dutch Oven

However, the clean up can be easier with the liner.

Now its time to cook! We rolled out the new Somerset III cart stove. It has 3 burners so we put an oven on each end.

Then waited for delicious to begin cooking… The key is LOW, liner or no liner make sure to cook them on LOW, based of experience people who don’t use LOW eat burnt cobbler (used to be me)
Also use the dutchoven dome, and flame tamer. The combination of the two allows the heat to spread out and creates a convection around the oven. This helps the cast iron heat evenly as well as maintain the heat. Here is the difference once they were cooked….

The cobbler baked without the liner took just a few minutes longer to cook, but had a great taste. Another great trick we used on both cobblers…..Take off the oven lid and recover the cobbler with the dome when the cake is almost finished. This turns the very top into a thin crunchy crust.

The cobbler with the liner was also great. We sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on the top of this one for flavor.

So the conclusion to the peach cobbler test…. I preferred the taste of the cobbler cooked in the cast iron, but both turned out wonderful. The clean up for both cobblers was very easy! Try it out!