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The New Girl - Earning a Little Office Respect

The New Girl - Earning a Little Office Respect

After the success of 8 comments (3 of which were my own but who cares) on my first blog I have been anxious to post again. This week I was given a BB100L BBQ grill boxSL30L single burnerLTRM wireless barbecue thermometer and was once again shoved into the world of outdoor cooking. After last week I decided to try and gain a little more respect around the office. I could have waited to cook at home but there are people to impress and mouths to feed at Camp Chef so I did it right outside the office. I decided to grill some pork loin and fresh asparagus, and used wood chips in the bottom of my grill box to give it a nice smoked flavor.

I put the thermometer in the meat and clipped the wireless unit to my pocket just so everyone would understand how official I thought I was. I prepped the asparagus by putting some extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, and fresh ground pepper into a bag and giving it a few shakes to coat all the stalks of asparagus. When the thermometer told me my masterpiece was 115 degrees I flipped it, threw some asparagus around it and waited. The thermometer was actually really handy. It told me what temperature the meat was, what it was like on a scale of rare, medium rare, medium, and well done. Once the meat was 170 degrees I was ready to inhale it all. It looked great. It smelled great (and in turn made me smell like smoke chips the rest of the day). And everyone admitted to enjoying it to my face.. but I wasn’t sure what they were whispering about later.

I will give myself a pat on the back for this week. Trust and believe I am beginning to love outdoor cooking!! I even volunteered to help my mom cook at our family get together in a month- mom, you’re welcome in advance! The BBQ box worked awesome and the smoke chips added so much flavor. I really suggest getting a wireless barbecue thermometer if you don’t already have one. It allows you to multi task without having to worry about how your meat is doing. If you are looking for an easy, delicious meal to try for the holiday weekend give this a try!

-Megan, The New Girl

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