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The New Girl

The New Girl

As the new girl here at Camp Chef I have been shoved into a new project. It’s now my responsibility to figure out how all the Camp Chef products and accessories work and try to find people to eat the food I will be making in these products. As a young college student, my cooking abilities stretch as far as spaghetti and the occasional rainbow chip cake if I’m feeling adventurous. Yesterday I learned about my project and before I could agree my car was loaded up with Camp Chef gear.

I was given a propane tank, SL30L single burner stove, Dutch oven, heat diffuser plate, lid lifter, and a Dutch oven dome. As I was getting set up at a local park I had numerous people approach me and ask me if I needed help. I guess it was obvious that I had no idea what I was doing. I had everything I needed to make cobbler and a group of anxious friends waiting to see if I would fail at being a camp chef.

After the lid went on the cobbler I literally patted myself on the back. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be, and I didn’t need to use charcoals to get amazing food from a Dutch oven. In 13 minutes I took off the dome and lifted the lid to see my creation. It was beautiful. Sure Martha Stewart could have made it look better but I was proud of myself.

The taste was seemingly perfect. I’m not sure the others could agree but I think that my excitement enhanced the taste. Normally my least favorite part about cooking is the cleaning up aspect, but clean up was a breeze. I proudly came into work and was eager to tell everyone about my adventures. As a first time Dutch oven experience I was thrilled. I am eagerly waiting to figure out what product I will try next. Let’s hear from you guys, any funny experiences in first time Dutch oven cooking? Any suggestions on what I should try next?

-Megan, The New Girl

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