The BIG GAME Party Ideas

By on January 24, 2013

By: Tom B

With the upcoming big game next weekend, (since we can’t call it by it’s official name…) talk of party food came up at the office. For some, Game Day is the Thanksgiving of Appetizers and finger food. So, after much deliberation at the office we decided on three main things that every party should have.

First off, every party should have some form of meat. Second, you can’t gather a crowd and watch a game without chips and dip. Third, what’s a party without finger food? Once we decided on these three things we did the next logical thing…we cooked.

This post is the first of three posts featuring the game day food ideas and recipes we enjoyed the most and thought that no game get-together can be without. Our first idea that any lover of smoked meats would enjoy is Smoked Pulled Pork sliders.

Sliders are the ideal main course of any gathering. They are small enough that you can eat them throughout the entire game and still have room for everything else yet large enough you can fill up on them. And the best part, they’re extremely easy to prepare. The hardest part is deciding whether to put cole slaw or bbq sauce on them or both.

All you need is:

Smoked Pork (Below is a general how-to on smoking pork)
Cole Slaw
BBQ Sauce
When we put everything together we opted to put the slaw in a separate dish so folks could put it on if they liked. We also chose to not mix any bbq sauce in with the pulled pork because ideally, if you smoked it right, you don’t need that sauce if you don’t want it.

Stay tuned for more great ideas and recipes for your big game party!

General Tips on Smoking Pork

Coat pork butt with with your favorite rub. You can lightly coat the pork in olive oil to serve as a base for your rub.
Preheat your Camp Chef Smoke Vault to your desired smoking temperature. Most recipes will recommend 200 to 225 degrees.
Add wood chips and meat. Flavor of wood is up to personal taste, many people enjoy fruit woods with pork and poultry as it doesn’t overpower the meat like mesquite and hickory can.
Cooking time will vary, a general rule of thumb with this kind of meat is about 70 minutes per pound.

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