Teal Poppers

By on October 31, 2012

Out of all the waterfowl I lean to liking the tasty Teal. A puddle duck that prefers shallow water for feeding purposes and who fly’s just shy of the speed of sound, they are often hard to come by. There are three that I’m aware of; Cinnamon, Green and Blue wing, Blue wing are the larger of the species. I’ve not tasted a Cinnamon but have noticed no difference in flavor between the Green and Blue.

This recipe can be applied to any fowl and be a winner. The key is to cook slow enough that the jalapeño gets done to your liking in texture. The bacon wrap and cream cheese will keep the breast meat from over cooking. It is a great party snack addition. Four of them, two duck breasts can make a main course.

Start by soaking the breasts overnight in lemon juice, this adds a nice tang to the mix.
Slice the breasts in a butter fly fashion. Place a rolled dob of cream cheese in the butterfly fold along with the Jalapeno.

Roll up in the bacon and pin it in place on both ends with a tooth pick. I like using the thin cut bacon because I don’t want it to over power the flavor of the duck breast. If you want spicier, leave a few seeds in the jalapeño’s.

You can add any seasoning you like to the open breast prior to adding the cream cheese and pepper. I like to apply salsa as a dip after the fact.

Throw it on your Barbecue Grill Box. Check that meat is cooked correctly. Rule of thumb: when the bacon is done, the teal should be done.

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