Tailgating the Beav

By on February 10, 2012

Just because football season is over doesn’t mean that tailgating has to stop. Just about anything that involves a parking lot or a group of parked cars is tailgate appropriate. Weddings? You bet. Church functions? Why not. PTA meetings? You might want to check with your local school board, but we don’t see why you couldn’t.

One of our favorite places to tailgate is up at our local ski and snowboard resort, Beaver Mountain. Just like tailgating at a football game, tailgating at a ski resort is all about good times, good friends/family, and good food. Good snow and beautiful weather also help, but being in the mountains in the winter time, those two are a little harder to control.

Even though we didn’t have a big crowd this past weekend and the weather was only so-so, we still couldn’t pass up and opportunity to pull out the grill and make a nice warm lunch. Our grill of choice was the the New Camp Chef Sport Grill. It’s perfect for small to medium sized groups. It doesn’t take up much space with it’s folding legs and the 1 pound propane bottles that it use are cheap and easy to find. Not to mention easy to transport.

Lunch consisted of burgers with all the fixings. We’re not sure if it’s the clean mountain air or the appetite you work up when skiing and snowboarding but some of the best burgers we’ve ever had have been made in the Beaver Mountain parking lot.

So as a reminder – the big games might be over for the season, but any reason is a good reason to get out and tailgate!

Lunch time!
Smells so good even Chance wants in on some tailgating action

Lunch is served