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Spreading Holiday Cheer Giveaway

Spreading Holiday Cheer Giveaway

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing.  With Black Friday just around the corner we’re challenging everyone to spread a little holiday cheer of their own.  On Thursday night or Friday morning as you’re out waiting in lines for the killer deals at all the Black Friday sales, take some type of Camp Chef product along with you and brighten someone’s day (or night) with some type of warm food or beverage.  Whether it’s a single burner stove and a hot water pot to make hot chocolate for your fellow shoppers or cinnamon rolls in the camp oven, our challenge to you is to make the people around you smile.  Who knows, maybe they’ll let you cut in front of them when the doors open.


Nothing makes a long line feel smaller than standing around a Camp Chef propane fire pit.

Why not have something nice and tasty made up for when these folks wake up.

There would have been a lot less pushing had all these friendly people had full bellies of hot chocolate.

So you’re probably wondering why we’re asking you to do this.  Here’s why.  I’m sure many of you have attended these types of sales or maybe you’ve even worked them as an employee at some of these stores.  When it’s real early/late and there’s a good deal on the line, people get mean.  But it’s a lot harder to be mean when someone is offering something nice.  There’s enough mean in the world, lets do what we can to add a little happiness and joy to the world on a day that needs it most.

While you’re out there spreading the good cheer, take a picture of what you’re doing and upload it here in the comments.  We’re going to send FREE Camp Chef Lewis and Clark 4″ Cast Iron Skillets to the 10 best photos of those doing something nice for others.  There’s four rules to be eligible:

1 – You MUST be using some type of Camp Chef product.

2 – You MUST be doing something nice.

3 – You have until Sunday Nov. 27th at 11:59pm to get your photo uploaded

4 – You MUST include your email address when uploading your photo so we’ll have a way to contact you if you win.

So get out there and get shopping, have fun and be nice!


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