Something White

I was on my salad kick a few weeks ago and found this.

I thought it would be cool to try. Many years ago, my father in law owned a deli and would tell stories of a square egg maker. This is similar, I guess. I made circles (apples) and oblong (pears).  It was fun to make!   Here is how I did it:

I boiled the eggs, ran cold water over them for about a minute, then peeled one. For the apples, I rolled it and smooshed it down top to bottom. This took about 2-3 minutes. Keep working with it, until it holds it’s shape. You have to be gentle. Just to be safe, make a few extra or plan on having hard boiled eggs for breakfast! Then I tucked an apple stem (and even cheated and used a grape stem) for a stem. They said to tuck a clove in the bottom, but I thought it would “taint” the egg flavor, so I didn’t but you certainly could!

For the pear, I pinched the top with my thumb and fore finger to try and get a pear shape. It wasn’t as defined as I would have liked, but still looks like a cute pear.

This is before the stem. The stem really makes it make sense!

So, ask, why would you do this? I think it would make a really cute garnish for a salad or even a veggie tray! Definitely a throw back, retro idea, that you could make new and hip! It seems like all my friends nowadays are getting chickens in their backyards,so let’s help them out with all their surplus!

What will you use it for?

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