Smoked Turkey on the Pellet Grill & Smoker

If you are not an early bird……the Pellet Smoker and Turkey Cannon are just what you need.
These two items will cut your cooking time in half.
The Pellet Smoker and Turkey cannon will not only cut your cooking time in half, they will also provide you with a moist turkey that has flavor smoked all the way through.
  • First, you will want to start your pellet smoker.  We recommend preheating to 350 degrees.  We filled the hopper with our Smokehouse Hickory BBQ Pellets and set the smoker to high smoke. 

  • While waiting for the smoker to preheat, start prepping the turkey and Turkey Cannon.   


  • Turkey Cannon:  Place the cannon inside large roasting pan and fill Turkey Cannon with the following:  1 cup of Chicken Broth (just enough to reach that lowest hole), Chopped celery, thinly sliced oranges, and bay leaf.

  • Seasoning:  In a small bowl, start mixing the seasoning that will go on top of the Turkey.  We used, Italian seasoning, sea salt, coarse ground pepper, paprika, garlic powder, rosemary and a pinch of ground mustard. 
  • Turkey:  First remove the innards and rinse the turkey.  Place turkey on the Turkey Cannon, breast-side up, brush the entire turkey with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning mixture.
  • Place the Turkey in the Pellet Grill & Smoker and insert the meat probe.  
  • Set the pellet smoker on High Smoke, after 30 minutes you will want to turn the temperature between 375-400 degrees.  
  • Cook for 1 ½ hours or until the meat probe reads 170 degrees.
  • Transfer to platter or carving board, and slice. Reserve pan juices to make gravy.
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