Smoked Ribs and Tri Tip

By on September 28, 2011

Finally a weekend without any commitments and my wife was away all day on Saturday. That meant I had all day to be able to babysit my smoker. She wouldn’t be there to complain about the piles of raw meat on her countertop or smell of smoldering wood. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right. I decided to smoke a tri tip roast and a couple racks of ribs. I rubbed the tri tip with a peppercorn seasoning that I have come to love. Sealed it in a ziplock and put it in the fridge. I rubbed the ribs with a quick and easy blend of Grill Mates Applewood rub, a couple dashes of Emeril’s essence and 2 cups of brown sugar. I also placed the ribs in the fridge wrapped up and left overnight.

I pulled the meat out of the fridge and set them on the countertop for about 45 minutes to allow them to get closer to room temperature. I put the trip tip in a foil lined pan and set the ribs up on my rib rack.

I swapped positions of the racks so that I could mop the ribs without soaking the tri tip underneath. I mixed a mop of 40 percent olive oil and 60 percent apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and sprayed the ribs every 45 minutes to an hour.

I smoked them at 190-200 degrees for 6 hours and then killed the heat. If I was just cooking for myself I would have pulled the tri tip after about 3 hours but my family likes their meat well done. I covered them both with foil for a half hour and then served them up. Wow, the best ribs I have done so far, mmmmmmmmmm.