Ranger III Blind Stove in the Field

By on May 10, 2011

The weather this spring here in Northern Utah has been anyones guess. But I couldn’t stand it any longer. I couldn’t be inside one more day so we grabbed the spinning rods and off we went. The rain from the night before could have killed the bite. I’d wanted to fish this spot right after ice off, but missed that by about two weeks. There was a lot of feed in the water but it was still pretty cold to have the fish move into the shallows to feed. But we found a spot out of the wind and in the intermittent sunshine as the clouds would allow; we warmed our belly’s and eye lids, thankful to be outside. And a nap outdoors…well what can I say!

And so so outings are always better with food. After the fish had defeated us we opted for a tail gate lunch.

While I have warmed gallons of soup in my life time over the burners of camp stove, I was shocked to see how fast the burners in the blind stove heated them up. Of course, any sandwich is good, but a hot grilled ham and cheese with a tomato center is always better. I loved the convenience of the snap ignition of the stove. The stove is designed to work off of the larger propane tanks. The ten pounder I have worked well.