Rally on the Rocks + Photo Caption Contest

By on May 22, 2012

Moab, Utah’s famous “Hell’s Revenge,” smoked pulled pork, and UTV’s… what a combination!

We at Camp Chef have participated in the RALLY ON THE ROCKS for the past few years. We have always cooked for different groups and had great times with good people. This year we decided to take it notch higher.

Straight from the parking lot, the adrenaline levels are high as you go right from the pavement to the slick rock. It starts with a steep ascent following two distinct black lines of rubber up the ridgeline with about a 50’ drop on either side of you. Once your heart slows down and you realize all is okay, your mind starts to wander, trying to understand how it is that you stick to the rocks on the crazy-steep climbs. It seems just like Velcro when you’re crawling with a UTV on the slick rock in Moab.

From there you go up, down, and all around on the slick rock, with a few fast runs through the sand as well. An hour and a half into the ride you come upon the river overlook. It’s a huge flat top rock with a steep ascent and descent that allows you to get up on top and see literally hundreds of miles. From that vantage point you see a deep desert gorge with the Colorado River flowing in the bottom off to one direction, turn around and you see snow capped peaks of the La Sal Mountains the other.

The first time I experienced this area I thought, man, ‘we should do a photo shoot right here.’ For many obvious reasons, it is pretty unfeasible to haul all kinds of stuff back in there and take a bunch of pictures of Camp Chef products. We however decided to do something even better. We coordinated with the Rally On The Rocks and told them we would sponsor the Hell’s Revenge Trail for that particular day. We carefully planned not only the menu and the preparation, but what equipment was most fitting for the limited space and the crazy ride in. We knew we would be cooking for 50 plus people and it was no small task. We were limited to three UTV’s and would be bringing in not only all of the food, but also cold drinks for everyone as the forecasted high was going to be 93F!

The night before heading out on the trail, we smoked 24 lbs of pulled pork using the 24” Camp Chef Smoke Vault (SMV24S) which was simple and infused that great flavor. Then loaded 160 lbs of drinks, countless bags of buns and chips, BBQ sauces of all flavors and brands, 20lb’s of beans, paper plates, napkins, and the other ingredients used in cooking up our baked bean recipe. Then came the important stuff that allowed us to cook and serve all this food. We chose to use a Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven(COVEN), a Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer (MSTAB), a deep Classic 14” Dutch Oven (SDO14), a Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome Kit (DOCOVER), and last of all aClear View Propane Cylinder.

After carefully planning and strapping everything into the two Polaris RZR’s and one Can-Am Commander, we were off to the trailhead. We arrived approximately two hours ahead of the groups planned arrival time. The trail in went smooth and the set up was slick and fast. We set up our “portable kitchen,” heated the oven, and loaded it full of our pulled pork to warm up. We also got the beans going on the stove and it went just as planned.

All of the riders rolled in a few minutes earlier than planned, but it worked out perfectly. We had just finished cooking. The expressions on the peoples’ faces were priceless. None of them were expecting lunch to be served, it was a pleasant and shocking surprise. Rigs of all brands, colors, and sizes were parked all over the river lookout rock. As we served up hot food, smiles were everywhere and the view was incredible. Even Matt was smiling despite spending an hour-plus over a hot stove.

The days following, we spent time riding the trails of Moab and had some real great times and a few heart pounding experiences as we pushed the limits of the machines and our skills. We did “Behind the Rocks,” “Fins and Things,” and “Hell’s Revenge” including the dreaded “Hot Tubs,” “Escalator,” and “Hell’s Gate.” Then finished things off with “Golden Spike/Gold Bar” and the “Golden Crack.”

It was nothing short of an epic trip. We met up with a number of past years acquaintances and met many new friends as well. We now have great ideas rolling in our heads for next year.

-Brandon, Camp Chef

Photo Caption Contest

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