Pumping Iron

By on May 24, 2012

I went to go and donate blood yesterday. I love it and am able to do it a few times a year. Yesterday was a bit different because the phlebotomist told me what all my levels were. Maybe they always do this and I just blow it off, but yesterday I listened. She told me that my iron was 13.1. I asked her what normal was and she said for women it is around 12.1-15.0. Interesting. This led me to think about a friend of mine a few years ago. She posted on Facebook that her doctor had “prescribed” cooking on cast iron to increase her daughter’s low iron levels. He said that iron pills are typically too hard on children (especially their tummies) and that simply cooking on cast iron would increase her iron levels!

I have many friends who have low iron, especially when pregnant or when hormone levels are askew (When are they not!?!). Low iron can cause heart problems, anemia, depression, and headaches to name a few. Google it and you will see an astounding list!

Why mention this? Well, to sell more cast iron. No, just kidding, but consider using a cast iron pan just a little bit more than you did before your read this post. I fry my eggs for breakfast in the same skillet every morning (well almost every morning). It hardly needs any butter now. They seem to slide right out and taste great! Start a new tradition of eggs (with iron!)! It will help fill your stomach and keep your iron levels normal!

**As a side note, make sure you continue to re-season your cast iron after every hot water rinse.