Propane Popcorn

By on May 24, 2013

By: Guy P.

Makes one wonder who and how this popcorn thing got going. And like with many things….some tradition with time and innovation were lost with it. Not all good and not all bad….however. Microwave popcorn……Hmmmm my verdict is still out.

I can’t find one that really tastes like oil popped corn. And while I’m beating that up….toss in the “air popper”. My father was a pop corn “corn popper” if ever there was one. He had an old coil heat producer and a thick steel pot that looked to be maybe the first of the innovations past wood heat. Every Sunday night in front of the Kennecott Theater movie for the week we ate popcorn.

My first air popper died a slow dusty death. The stir and pop the same. My wife has a small 12 inch pressure cooker that she inherited. The lid is no longer a part of the team so my 12” Cast Iron Skillet from Camp Chef fills the bill. I just add oil and corn, and hit the heat. No shaking the pot. Just listen for the pop to start then slow and we are done. Add seasoning of choice, always an adventure.

So I’m popping corn at work one day and this lovely gal (don’t remember which one now) comes buy and says….”I thought you could only pop corn in a Microwave!” After I got up off the floor, the training commenced. (Ok so I’m a bit microwave-challenged and have slightly burned the corn before).


Popcorn should be all about fun and we have fun with it here at work. So we are now traveling the heat sources we produce to watch it pop. Really it is easy, give it a try. Recently, I tried cooking my popcorn over a Camp Chef Gas Fire Ring with our Popcorn Popper. Worked like a charm.