Product Spotlight Somerset II Stove

By on November 22, 2011

Camp Chef recently introduced the Somerset Series of stoves and they’re awesome. In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard about the Somerset stove line, let me fill you in. The Somerset Series is Camp Chef’s first series of stoves dedicated to the patio and backyard. They use the same Camp Chef philosophy of modular cooking allowing you to turn to the stove into the tool you need, from grill, to griddle, to stove. Best of all, they fit all the existing 3 Burner accessories, have wheels and still have folding legs. (Check out the Somerset Series Into video here)

While most of the talk about the Somerset Series of stoves has been directed to the Somerset IV (it is after all Camp Chef’s first four burner stove), the Somerset II is turning just as many heads.

The Somerset II was built on the same size platform as a three burner stove, but with only two burners. If you look at a three burner stove you’ll notice that the left two burners are closer together than the one on the right. Those two burners are the Somerset II. This means that the Somerset fits all the three burner accessories, like the BB90L and the SG90. It’s smaller footprint makes it perfect for apartments, condos or any other backyard or patio that is short on space. Side shelves fold out giving you all the cooking space you need. You’ll have plenty of room for your cooking utensils and dishes. The Somerset II’s size makes it the perfect fit but it’s versatility makes it the perfect solution to your cooking challenges. There’s no other stove on the market that enables you to grill, griddle, boil, steam or deep fry as well as the Somerset II and it’s modular accessories.

Check out this video on the Somerset II