Portable Grill Maintenance 101

By on March 25, 2013

Portable Grill Maintenance 101 By: Jared Clark

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If you love cooking outdoors then you probably own all the staples of a true outdoor chef: a portable grill, cast iron pans, a Dutch oven, and all the utensils–including a sharp set of knives–you need to prepare those fantastic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. In this post, we will show you some simple grill maintenance tricks to keep your most important piece of equipment running smoothly throughout the year. When it comes to maintenance, your stove tops the list. Because if it goes down, you will end up eating sandwiches instead of chili. Here are some tips on getting the most mileage from your portable stove. Sure, the last thing you want to do after filling your stomach with delicious camp-side food is clean, but a little work after you eat will help go a long way in preventing wear to your grill.

  1. Know When to Clean Your Grates: Many people make this very common mistake and they end up with rusty grill grates. Do not worry about cleaning this part of your grill once you are done eating. Leaving the grime on the grates is the best way to prevent rust. You should use a wire brush to scrape your grates clean when your grill is hot and ready for cooking. If you scrape the grates when you finish cooking, you just leave them exposed to the elements.
  2. Check the Burners and Hoses: Every four or five times you use your grill, take a minute to check the burners and hoses. Make sure the burners burn cleanly, and that all the ports have flames burning in them. You can use a flexible pipe cleaner to help clear grease and other gunk from your burners. On a related note, whenever you fire up your grill, check the flame color: You should see blue flames with yellow tips. If your flames burn completely yellow, you are not getting adequate pressure from your propane tank. This can happen because of a bad regulator valve or burners that release too much gas. If your burners are cracked or misshapen, you will want to replace them. Whenever you check your burners, you should check your hoses too. Check the connections and inspect the hoses for cracks and other wear. You can prevent major problems down the line by replacing worn hoses before they completely fail. Here is a tip: if you think a hose has sprung a leak, coat them with soapy water, turn on the grill, and you will find the leak when you see bubbles.
  3. Clean the Grill: A little cleaning goes a long way whenever you use your grill. Save the wire brushes for your grates, and use a soft rag or sponge along with a mild dish washing detergent on this step. Wipe down the outside surfaces of your grill, then pop the grates out and clean around the burners and on all the inside surfaces of your grill. This will help prevent major grease buildup and rust down the line. If your grill has a lid, be sure to clean that as well.
  4. Oil the Fasteners: You can never prevent the fasteners on your grill from rusting over time. But a little oil can delay that process for years. After you clean your grill, thoroughly dry the rivets and fasteners on your grill, then apply a few drops of oil to help keep them from rusting over time.

And those are some of the simple steps you can take to keep your grill running in peak condition for years on end. In addition to the steps above, if you buy a grill cover to help keep it safe from the elements when you are not using it, your grill will give you years of satisfying campsite cooking. Want more great information, recipes, and giveaways from Camp Chef? ‘Like’ us and follow us on our Facebook page and check out our YouTube channel!

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  1. I am looking for a replacement for a burner. I have an 3 burner expidition stove and one of the burners broke. Think is a great stove. Went on your website and could not fine one. Can you please help me.

    • Richard, your best way to get the right replacement part and get the best help is contacting our customer service number. They’re a great group of folks who know the in’s and out’s of our products and can help get your stove back in working order. Here is their number:

  2. You are a lifesaver! I'm new to grilling and I had no idea how to take care of my new cooking tools. Your post was a great help. Thank you. Chefs Clothing

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