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Pinenuts = I Need Help!

Pinenuts = I Need Help!


I would skip into the forest with my bucket, gather some pine cones, bake them, and have myself some delicious pine nuts!  After all my cute little grandma told me it was going to be easy!


Other than my 80 year old grandma, I have never met anyone who roasted pine nuts.  So rather than venture out totally unprepared I did a little research.

I first gathered my pine cones.  That part was easy! Took my buckets, some gloves and picked the cones off the trees.  Based off the Internet I figured I would bake the pine cones at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

I then covered my cookie sheet in tin foil put some pine cones on the sheet and placed it in my oven.  Yes, I did the first round of pine cones in my house in my oven.  They sure smell great (for about 3 days), but the woodsie smell is hard to get rid of!  I baked them for 20 minutes like I read online.  I then took the cones out of the oven, and tried to get scolding hot pine nuts out of super sticky pine cones for two hours!  Hot, sticky and pained  fingers later I went back to the Internet to look for other options.

Round two started about 9:00 PM.  It was two late to go out side and fire up the grill, so I found a frying pan method (plus my house already smelled like the woods).  Sure the nuts come out of the cone A LOT easier this way….. They fly out, flinging pine nuts all over my kitchen.  This was my last attempt for the day, which was probably a good idea since I was finding pine nuts everywhere but the pan.

Round three came two days later.  Outside I set up my Explorer and my griddle and began again.  I covered the top of my griddle with foil, so that I wouldn’t get sap on it and started to cook!  I figured the griddle would be better, more surface area at least.  This so far was the best method!  Even though the pine nuts fling, at least it was outside!

By the end of this process I realized I had not one good picture of my set up, and all I have to show are these pinenuts, and a lot of frustration.

There has got to be a better way right?  Also how do you get the gum off the pine nut?  Please send your recommendations!

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