Finished Turkey on a Turkey Cannon

Thanksgiving 101

Check out your complete Thanksgiving guide for this holiday season. Turkey recipes, side dishes, desserts, and more are right here just for you.

Camp Chef Stove Systems

What the Heck is a Stove System?

We created the stove system to fulfill all of your outdoor cooking needs. Our accessories alongside each stove makes it so that you can enjoy all your favorite meals outdoors just as easily as you enjoy them indoors—all one cooker.

Camp Chef griddle with breakfast foods

How to Care for Your Griddle

To keep your griddle's finish in tip-top condition, it needs a little TLC every now and then. By following our guide here, you will help keep your griddle clean, prevent rust, and build up the glass-like finish to keep food from sticking.

Camp Chef outdoor pizza oven

How to Use Your Outdoor Pizza Oven Like a Pro

These pro tips will help you get the most out of your new outdoor pizza oven, no matter what meal you're cooking.

cast iron dutch oven

How to Clean Cast Iron

Don't believe the rumors your hear. Taking care of your cast iron doesn't have to be a chore. With the tips below, it will become an easy habit in no time.

Ghost pretzels

Our Favorite Halloween Bites Roundup

Here we've created a roundup for you of the creepiest, cutest, and most importantly, tastiest Halloween bites we could find. Try these recipes on your pellet grill, in your outdoor oven, or with your cast iron dishes.

stove burner

BTU: What Does It Mean & How Many Do You Need?

If you’ve checked out any of our stoves, you’ve probably seen a BTU figure associated with each one. And if you’re here at this article, you probably looked at it and had no clue what it meant. Let us explain it to you.

Stuffed venison backstrap on a grill

Make the Most of Your Hunt Harvest

You came. You shot. You conquered. Congratulations on a successful hunting trip this year. Whether you’re bringing home some big game, a few waterfowls, or a variety of upland game birds, you should celebrate over the dinner table.