Outdoor Chef Kurt – Halibut

By on February 10, 2011

Outdoor Chef Kurt loves to be out on the ocean, fishing for Halibut. I especially like to slather my bait with Smelly Jelly Halibut Feast fish attractant.
It works like magic and we were lucky one day last July day to get into a patch of BUTTS ! and ended up landing a nice one, #75 of good eating.

The crab pots were in and we had an added bonus to our feast. I love to cook Halibut in many different ways with my Camp Chef products. Deep Fried, Baked, BBQed ,or to smoke it in my Smoke Vault, and make some smoked halibut dip to spread on a cracker or a chip.

My Camp Chef 60.000 BTU single burner stove,can have a pot of water boiling in short order. Fresh Dunginess crab is great right out of the cooker ,still warm YUMMMM!!!!!!!!

Outdoor Chef Kurt

“From the Field to the Grill”