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NEW Camp Oven Pizza Stone by Camp Chef

NEW Camp Oven Pizza Stone by Camp Chef

Camp Chef is the leader in innovation. We’re driven to continue to design and develop products that will enhance the way people cook outdoors. In 2009 Camp Chef developed the Outdoor Camp Oven. The first ever of its kind. With the Outdoor Camp Oven, people could now enjoy things like lasagna, freshly baked bread, muffins, and even cookies – right in camp.

Now with the all-new Camp Oven Pizza Stone, you can enjoy fresh baked pizza as well. The Camp Oven Pizza Stone will cook the perfect pizza anytime, anywhere. Made of Cordierite ceramic fire brick, the Pizza Stone absorbs excess moisture and evenly distributes heat to give a light, crispy, golden brown crust. Great for calzones too! Cook like the pros where ever you go. It fits perfectly in any Camp Chef Camp Oven, in Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Boxes (excluding model number BB30 and BB100), and works great in your home oven as well.

Pictured: Outdoor Camp Oven and Camp Oven Pizza Stone (sold separately)

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