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NEW Explorer 3X Three Burner Stove

NEW Explorer 3X Three Burner Stove

We are excited to announce the newest member of the Camp Chef family, the Explorer 3X! Inspired by many of our users and our ever-popular Explorer stove, the Explorer 3X adds even more cooking area to allow for maximum cooking versatility.

There is something to say about having the right tool for the right job. When you’ve got a large group to feed and you are depended on to get that food cooked, the Explorer 3X is the right tool for the job. Three 30,000 BTU burners and 686 square inches of total cooking area allow you to cooking for large crowds with ease.

Throw a Professional Griddle that covers two burners on with a Hot Pot and you’ve got the makings of a warm pancake breakfast with hot beverages for your group. Or use the Explorer 3X’s versatility to its max, mix a Professional Barbecue Box 30 with aProfessional Griddle and a Dutch Oven, each over one burner and you can really get creative with your meal. Simplify your camp’s meals to save time and effort with the newCamp Chef Explorer 3X.

The Camp Chef Explorer 3X features three 30,000 BTU burners for maximum cooking versatility. A huge cooking surface will allow you to cook for large groups with ease. With the Explorer 3X you can grill, griddle, boil, or fry. Great for Dutch oven cooking as well. Drum style burner housing and three-sided wind screen protect flame from wind. Rugged construction is durable and built to last and removable legs make storage and portability easier. Great for use cooking any meal at camp, home, and the cabin. Plenty of cooking area for a Professional Barbecue Box and a Professional Griddle.


  • Three 30,000 BTU cast-aluminum burners
  • Three sided windscreen
  • Fully adjustable heat-control knobs
  • Removable legs for portability and adjustable to cook on uneven ground
  • Durable, rugged design built to last
  • Regulator and3 ft. hose included


  • Total Output: 90,000 BTU/hr
  • Cooking Area: 14″ x 49″
  • Cooking Height: 29″
  • Warranty: One Year
Pictured above: Camp Chef Explorer 3X, Professional Barbecue Box 30, Professional Griddle 14 x 16, and Classic 12″ Dutch Oven.

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DIRTYBILL (not verified) on Aug 17, 2015 1:05 pm

I am looking into getting the Explorer 3X. I have one question, Camp Chef has a Igniter that can be added to the Explorer2 and 3x. I understand how to install them but on the middle burner of the Explorer 3X it looks like the gas supply line/tube will get in the way of the Igniter. I was wondering if the Igniter fits properly on the middle burner of the Explorer 3X?

Steve (not verified) on Aug 9, 2015 12:43 pm

How do I clean my CC 3x?

Bob (not verified) on May 24, 2015 2:55 pm

I'm the Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop. We were just donated a 3 burner stove that looks like the Explorer 3X, but the gas lines and valves are different (probably an older model). My problem when we tested it out is one of the valves is not closing all the way, so the burner is constantly on while the gas is turned on at the tank. Is there an o-ring placement kit or do I need to replace the valve? Will the current valve fit my stove? The valves on our stove are a lever style.

Fred (not verified) on Jan 3, 2015 3:19 pm

Are there leg extensions for my EX90 3 burner stove? Sits a little low for my liking. Perhaps another 10in in height.

King (not verified) on Nov 19, 2014 6:48 am

I am purchasing the Explorer 3X. What grill fits the stove? the SG100 is 16X38 vs tje 14X49 cooking surface on the stove. Frustration with old models is cleaning out food and grease that may drop down under burner without unscrewing the plate under the burner - has that been solved? Do the grates on the top of the stove remove - again for easier cleaning? Thank you.

Lisa (not verified) on Aug 25, 2014 2:00 pm

Is there a cover, not rollerbag that will fit the Explorer 3X burner?

sheila (not verified) on Jul 10, 2014 4:40 pm

I have the expedition 3 burner stove now for 8 years love it , when it no longer works I will definalty buy another, its the best ....

John (not verified) on Feb 19, 2014 4:16 pm

My 3 burner stove appears to be clogged. Is there a way to clean the gaslines and the burners?

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Feb 19, 2014 4:25 pm


There is certainly a way to clean the gas lines and burners. The best route to get that information is to contact our support team at support@campchef.com or call them at 1-800-650-2433.

chris (not verified) on Nov 10, 2013 7:04 am

Great stove. Is there a carry bag available for it? I bought the 3 Burner Carry Bag which advertises that it fits all 3 burner stoves. However the Explorer 3X does not fit in it!

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Dec 4, 2013 4:45 pm


We are sorry to hear about the 3 Burner Carry Bag not fitting your EX90. As for a carry bag that it will fit in, the CB48 will fit the bill: http://www.campchef.com/explorer-3x-carry-bag.html.

Heidi (not verified) on Oct 25, 2013 2:35 pm

Is there a roller bag for the 3 burner explorer stove?

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Dec 4, 2013 4:21 pm


Unfortunately there is not a roller bag for the EX90. We do have a carry bag for the EX90 and it is the CB48. Here is the link: http://www.campchef.com/explorer-3x-carry-bag.html

Dorene (not verified) on Oct 9, 2013 8:15 am

Does this camp chef explorer 3x stove turn your pots black when using burners?

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Oct 9, 2013 11:25 am

Dorene, when cooking with propane there is always that possibility. Camp Chef burners have an O2/propane mixture valve. If you see a lot of yellow flame, this should be adjusted. Contact our Customer Service for more information. (800) 650-2433 They're excellent and will walk you through how to do this.

Ken S (not verified) on Oct 8, 2013 3:55 pm

Really looking forward to this stove getting here should be tomorrow or next day. We are a Boy Scout troop and it looks perfect I will write a report on it as soon as I get some miles on it. It will get used heavily.

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Oct 9, 2013 11:22 am

Great! Let us know how it goes, we're confident you'll love it for your Scout troop!

earl (not verified) on Jul 5, 2013 8:26 pm

I'm looking for the wind guard for my 3 burner stove we lost it .

denise (not verified) on Jun 22, 2013 4:15 pm

Someome stole the legs off my expedation 3 burner stove, how can i replace them?

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Jun 27, 2013 9:07 am

We are sorry to hear about the loss of your stove legs. If you give our customer service number a call, they can get you squared away. 1-800-650-2433

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