NEW! Camp Chef 13″ Square Dutch Oven

By on October 1, 2012

The new 13″ Square Dutch Oven features Camp Chef’s True Seasoned Finish meaning it’s ready to cook with out of the box. Eight quart capacity is great for roasts, casseroles, ribs, breads and any of your favorite dutch oven recipes.

The legless design is convenient for use in your home kitchen so it will easily fit in your oven or on your range and a thermometer notch allows you to check internal temperatures without even opening the lid. It has specially designed handles for easy lifting of the lid.

Best of all, the lid features raised ribs and doubles for use as a grill on your stove top.

Cast iron gives cooking superiority by evenly distributing heat to cook your food to perfection. It’s easy to take care of and can last a lifetime!

Tackle any meal with this 13″ Square Dutch Oven!

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5 thoughts on “NEW! Camp Chef 13″ Square Dutch Oven”

  1. When will a carry bag / tote be available for the 13″ square dutch oven?

    I love the new oven & want to keep in protected.

    Thank You, P. Thompson

    • Currently we do not have a carry bag for the 13" Square Dutch Oven. However, this Dutch oven fits great in our 14" Dutch Oven Carry Bag (CBDO14).

  2. Can I purchase this oven in Western Canada or Alaska or is it best to order directly from Camp Chef or through Amazon?

    • In Alaska, Sportsman’s Warehouse carries this. Or yes, you can buy directly from or Amazon. On, at checkout you’ll have the option for International Checkout if you are shipping to Canada.

  3. You sell the 13 Sq Dutch oven bundled with the big gas grill at Costco, but all the documentation on dutch oven cooking and recipes call for charcoal. Can you publish some recipes or instructions for converting the charcoal recipes to prepping on the gas grill?

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