Navajo Tacos in the NEW Square Dutch Oven

Here at Camp Chef, we decided to put our new 13” Square Dutch Oven (DO13S) and the Pro 30 Single Burner Stove (SB30D) to the test.  We decided to make Navajo Tacos, which are perfect for tailgating.  If you aren’t familiar with this food, which I wasn’t, it’s amazing!   For a sweeter treat, we decided to make scones, for those who didn’t want the tacos.  We’re approaching fall, so this was the perfect choice!

I’m new to the Camp Chef Family and hadn’t had a chance to test any of the products except the Redwood Fire Pit (another crowd pleaser by the way, but we’ll save that one for later).  I was also excited because being from Missouri, I love fried food.  You name it, I’ve probably fried it!  Like I said before, I had never heard of Navajo Tacos.  They’re really simple to make and so tasty.  Here’s what we used and it fed about 12 people.


  • 2 loaves or pounds of French bread dough (You can get them from your local bakery)
  • 1 large can of pre-made Chili
  • Chopped lettuce
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Sour Cream or Ranch
  • Sliced Green Onions


If you have a hungry hoard, make sure to pack snacks, since it takes a bit to heat the oil.  We recommend preparing everything in advance, so that all you have to wait on is the bread to fry.   We bought the dough loaves from the local bakery, so we sliced them into even pieces about 2 inch slices.  We then rolled them into balls making sure not to knead them too much.  We do this to avoid the bread rising, and to then later make them thin and pancake-like.
Once you have your bread in pancake form and your oil is hot, it’s frying time!  Put the bread in the hot oil and fry thoroughly.  Make sure they are nice and golden brown.  Once you have all your bread fried, serve it up! Leave all the sides out and let people dig in and enjoy!
Now seriously speaking, this Dutch oven is amazing! I’ve fried in fryers, on the stove in a regular pot or deep skillet, and I’ve had a hard time getting my food an even golden brown.  Normally I’ve encountered problems with maintaining temperature or having a fryer get too hot.  This time, I set the stove to between medium and high heat, put the Dutch oven on the stove, let it heat up, and didn’t have to adjust anything.  It was such a delight to not have to worry about anything other than frying the bread to perfection.
All in all, as someone who enjoys fried food, loves the company of friends and having a good time overall, these two products are great!  Easy set up, clean up, and storage.  I can see this new square Dutch oven being great for corn bread and lasagna also.  Maybe that will be our next adventure!  Trust me as soon as I was done cooking and cleaning up, I bought one!

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