National Park Week – Yellowstone

By on April 23, 2012

National Park Week – Profiling Yellowstone National Park

Of the 3.5 million people that go to Yellowstone every year, not many know it but while there, they are actually standing in the caldera of an enormous volcano.

Yellowstone’s beautiful geysers and hot pots are fueled by deep underground thermal activity. For hundreds of thousands of years Yellowstone has lay silent, but go back further in time and you will find that it has erupted several times. Ash from these eruptions has been found the world over and at least one of these eruptions affected the climate enough to cause a global winter that lasted for 3-4 years!

In 1988, an outbreak of forest fires swept through Yellowstone. Over the course of about 2 months they grew together and consumed 793,000 acres (1,239 sq miles or 36%) of Yellowstone’s forests. While devastating at the time, natural fires are actually healthy for a forest’s ecosystem from time to time. After 24 years and still young, the lodgepole pine forests are growing thick and tall again.

Did you know:

Yellowstone was the first area of land to ever receive national park status in the world (1872)
The park covers 3,472 square miles, or 2.2 million acres
The park overlaps 3 states: Wyoming (96%), Montana (3%), Idaho (1%)
67 species of mammals live in the park including buffalo, elk, moose, deer, black and grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, bobcats, coyotes, lynx, mountain lion, and gray wolf… to name a few.
It is an active super volcano (only 30 in the world, it is the only one on land)
Volcano caldera circumference is 45 by 30 miles.
10,000 hydrothermal features (geysers, hot pots, etc.)
More that 300 geysers
Approx. 400 waterfalls, 15 ft. or higher, flowing year-round

National Park Week April 21st – April 29th

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* Photos courtesy of wikipedia