Mountain Man Vacation

By on March 11, 2011

I was on vacation in Tennessee staying in a log cabin located right on the side of Mt. Bluff. It was early in the morning as I gathered my supplies to make the best moutain man breakfast that you would ever sink your teeth into. There was a perfect little charcoal grill for my Dutch oven and along side that was this great big rock I used for my charcoal chimney and other supplies. While the aroma of sausage in the warm air and the amazing view of the mountains as I relaxed in the rocking chair sipping my hot coffee was unbelievable. The breakfast was great but even if it was horrible I wouldn’t even have noticed. Other meals I made the rest of the week included italian sausage with peppers and onions, pineapple Dr. Pepper spare ribs, pineapple-apricot chicken and a few more I can’t remember. It was good eat’n all week and I have to thank Byron for the great recipes from his website. This summer I will be returning to the same area but this time I will be armed with Gary House’s recipes from I would also like to thank Camp Chef for their great products and making my outdoor cooking that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to taking along one of those national park series cast iron on my next trip.

Mike –