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Salsa Season!

With a bunch of tomatoes and crisp fall air it seams like it was time to bottle some salsa!  My siblings and I have been making salsa with our mom for years.  This year was no exception! 

Here is the recipe we used.

½ Bushel Roma tomatoes*                              12 Med. Green Peppers*

50 Jalapenos*                                                   1 Stalk Celery*         

1-2 lbs Baby Carrots*                                       15 Anaheim Peppers*

3 Large Red Onions                                        3 Large White Onions

1 Bunch of Cilantro*         2 TB Sea Salt*       2-3 cloves of minced garlic*

16 oz. Lime Juice                                             8 oz. White Vinegar

*Measurements are approximate; adjust to taste.

~ You can substitute any peppers for another kind….just watch how hot you get it.

We doubled this recipe so that there was enough to go around.  Which means a regular bowl just wont hold it all!


Wash and quarter tomatoes then dice in food processor using ‘pulse’ mode.  Return tomatoes to colander in sink to allow juices to drain; then add to stock pot.  Put green peppers in processor and pulse until diced; add to pot.  Slice/dice approximately 50 jalapenos in processor and add to mix. Put celery into food processor and puree (for salsa body).  Add to mix.

Tip: Add quartered tomatoes to celery to keep from sticking to sides of processor.

Do the same with the carrots (puree).  You can also slice some carrots to add color to salsa.  Remove seeds from Anaheim peppers and dice in processor; add to mix. 

Tip: The more color variation you can find in your peppers, the better. Red’s, oranges, yellow, and greens, makes a more visually appealing salsa. 

Quarter onions, dice and add to mix.  Puree Cilantro and add to mix.  Add salt and garlic to mix.  Finally, stir in vinegar (to preserve color) and lime juice.  Mix salsa well and taste.  If acceptable, proceed to bottling. 


Tip: Rather than cook the salsa in advance, fill the bottles with cold salsa and then leave in bottle bath longer.  This makes the bottles easier to handle.

With all the help it only took us about 7 hours to make the salsa!  We used our new Somerset III stove and were able to keep the cold packers full!

I love this stove!  Its easy to move thanks to the wheels, the side shelves come in handy with a piping hot bottle of salsa, and the fact that this model has three burners to give the us extra room was fantastic!

As the day ended we were canning in the rain, but everything still went perfectly!  We also ended up with about 45 jars of salsa!

Hope you like the recipe!  It has been one of our family favorites!

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