Margherita Pizza

By on September 15, 2011

I love homemade PIZZA!

Margherita pizza is my favorite pizza, but once again I was defeated by the summer heat (no central air inside the homestead)! I decided to give grilled pizza a shot.

I have a two burner Explorer grill and so far there has not been a meal it hasn’t been able to cook. I also have a cast iron pizza pan.

I like to think I can make a lot of good food, but I am not good at pizza dough! However the dough in the pop tube is great, and has always tasted good to me! I then spread out a little pizza sauce, sliced mozzarella cheese, sprinkled a bit of olive oil, sliced some Roma tomatoes from my garden, and topped it off with some spinach.

The key to tasty, non burned pizza is to cook it slow. I put my stove on low heat and continued to check it. I used a flame tamer to help disperse the heat out toward the edges of the pan.

The pizza was great, it took a little time to get the edges done but I didn’t burn the crust!!!